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Terms and conditions of use of the website

Welcome to the Nafe site; all persons who, directly or indirectly, including registered users or guests who use the content of the Nafe website, must fully accept the following terms and conditions.


Change the terms of use

Change the terms of use
The content of this page and the terms and conditions of use of the website may change at any time without notice to users. All changes made to this page will be visible.


Access to the website

The services and content of this website, except in certain cases, are completely free and available to the general public. Therefore, we will not accept any liability if we do not have access to this website for any reason or discontinue the service and block the content of the website.

Although the content of this website is very reliable, we do not guarantee that this website and its content are free of errors. Therefore, we will not accept any liability in using its content.

All external links given are for informational purposes only and this website has no responsibility for their content.


Ownership rights

All material and intellectual property of this website and its contents, including copyright, are reserved to us. None of our content has been copied from domestic and Persian sources, and most of the content has been produced exclusively.

Due to the fact that the content is produced specifically, copying it by mentioning the address of the website and also obtaining permission from the webmaster via the contact form is absolutely prohibitive. Also, non-personal use of the content of the website is also prohibited in the absence of sufficient authorization. Otherwise, we will allow ourselves to complain about the person and the copy website or remove the website from the list of results of the popular search engines, including Google and Bing.


Privacy of individuals

No sensitive information will be published on this website (including emails, phone numbers and mobile phones, etc.) and will be fully protected by us. Some of your basic information, such as the IP address, will be collected by census services (including Google Webmasters and Google Analytics) that will only be used to increase the user’s satisfaction with this website. Non-sensory information such as name, surname may be displayed in different parts of the site, including comments.